Asset Management

AISM is accredited with the status of Management Company, Discretionary Portfolio Manager and Investment Manager as approved by the CSSF (Comission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier).

Our principles

AISM relies on an experienced asset management professional, having a management culture in line with that of AISM:

Consistent management

guided by the Fund objectives within the different asset class

Performance evaluation

with consistency and preservation of wealth

ESG Principles

integrated in the investment process and at the base of the company culture

Ethic and Risk

control to ensure stability and transparency

Our funds


    The fund is managed by AISM and has six sub-funds: the Fixed Income Fund, the Global Corporate ESG Bond Fund, the ESG Global Equity Fund, the Sustainable Long-Short European Equity Fund, the ESG Equity Absolute Return Fund e the Global Smart Trend Fund.

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  • AISM Global Opportunities Fund

    The fund is managed by AISM and has two sub-funds: the Stable Uncorrelated Innovative Themes Fund and the AISM Low Volatility Fund.

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